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We revolutionize digital communication by transforming each interaction into a unique and extraordinary experience, through the creation of hyper-personalized videos designed to captivate and deeply resonate with every viewer.

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Designing Extraordinary Solutions
Our campaigns based on Hyper-Personalized Videos are meticulously crafted to ensure efficient data use and make every interaction relevant and significant.
Creating profound experiences
We connect with your clients in a personalized and powerful manner, ensuring that each contact evolves into a unique and lasting relationship.

/Advantages of

choosing Amaze

Technology Pioneers
At Amaze, we advance the future to your present, employing cutting-edge artificial intelligence to create communications that transcend through video personalization.
Data-Driven Strategies
Our solutions are founded on the use of precise data, ensuring high-impact campaigns and achieving exceptional results.
Masters of User Experience
We cultivate emotional connections, transforming consumers into true fans of your brand.
Unprecedented Personalization
Utilize our innovative technological approach to create campaigns that capture the essence of your message and the hearts of your clients.
/Revolutionize the Customer

experience with Amaze

Adaptamos el contenido según las preferencias y necesidades de cada cliente.
Creamos contenidos audiovisuales sin precedentes con IA.
Entregamos a cada usuario un video único y personalizado
Discover how our clients have transformed their relationships with their audiences, thanks to our video personalization technology that ensures relevance and impact.
About Us
Founded in 2014, Amaze is a leading company in transforming digital communication and user experience through the creation of hyper-personalized videos.
We combine unique creativity, proprietary technology, and AI to achieve extraordinary experiences.
We have a strong presence in the United States, Latin America, and Europe.
We work alongside the world's most important companies, for which we redefine their communication strategies daily.
/Brands that have trusted Amaze
Marcas que han confiado en Amaze: Coca-Cola, American Express, Chubb, Konzum, LATAM, Netflix, Teletón, Mc Donald's, Iberia, SONY Music, Mercedes-Benz, Santander, AVON, BD, RappiPay, Rockwell Automation, Claro, Warner Music Group, El Corte Inglés, Sam's Club, BAC, GNP, Mitsubishi Motors


Behind Every Great Experience Is a Great Team:
Meet the visionaries behind Amaze, experts dedicated to redefining how companies interact with their customers.

Julián Ávila
Co-Founder y CEO
Marcos Amadeo
Co-Founder y COO
John Santiago
William Wallace
Gonzalo Duperre
Operations Director
Abril Della Giustina
Project Manager
Mariana Acunzo
Graphic Designer
Ornela Carpintieri
Graphic Designer
Juan Manuel Grisolia
Video Editor
Gabriel Doti
Video Editor
Rodolfo Cuscuela
Creative Director
Santiago Brain
Creative Director
Liz Gallegos
Global Sales Director
Alfredo Valdivia
Global Sales Director
Virginia Travers
Hernán Pinzón
Americas Sales Director
Gabriela Diaz
Lautaro Riveiro
Fullstack developer
Facundo Campos
Fullstack developer
Gonzalo Loisotto
Fullstack developer
Facundo Iguacel
Fullstack developer
Matías Lires
Fullstack developer
Matías Viano
Fullstack developer
Federico Roulet
Fullstack developer
Ana Delgado
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